A Very Patient Family

After a 10 year break from portrait photography, I decided to pick up a camera again.

It’s had been that many years since I quit working at a Sears portrait studio to start selling insurance and to say I was a little rusty would be a black hole size understatement. And I don’t know if you remember the old mall studios, but they were a well oiled machine. Place your subject on the box, change the background, push the button. Not a lot of room for creativity. So when I decided that I wanted to start photographing people again, there was a gigantic canyon between what I knew and the knowledge it took to actually create a portrait that was anything someone actually wanted to look at.

So I started taking pictures, A lot of pictures, trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t; all on my own. Every chance I got; I was trying to talk someone into sitting still for me for a “photo session”.

Some of my favorite subjects (victims) were and are my (amazingly patient) sister-in-law and (fantastically adorable) nephews. Every time they would come for a visit, I would get them to sit for me. And it never mattered how well the sitting actually turned out, she was always super supportive and full of praise.

“Sit here and look at the Camera” — the extent of my knowledge

But early on, I suffered from a problem a lot of people suffer from when trying to learn something new. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I had an abundance of confidence and not a lot of information.

But I was inspired and broke.

I knew that I loved taking photos. I knew I needed money. I knew that if I wanted to ever turn taking photos into a business, I needed to take some classes.

So I started taking classes. I took classes on prompting and classes on business and classes on how my camera works and classes on editing. I found out where photographers I wanted to be like were speaking and I booked my seats. I joined an association full of experienced photographers and I listened to everything they wanted to share. I went to conferences and meet-ups and I learned.

I learned that I wanted to create more than a business taking pictures, I wanted to create a full service experience, so when I created Art you ADORE, I did it with that knowledge. That I wanted to find out what my client really wanted and them create it for them.

Something that really showed off WHO we were capturing.

I still am learning, still taking classes. I hope I don’t ever stop wanting to be better and to keep on learning.

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