Down time and guilty pleasures

I spend almost every hour I can with a camera in my hand but when I’m not shooting or taking care of my family, I am absolutely indulging in some (maybe weird?) me time.

I play video games.

Yep. I am a gamer. I live in a house with MULTIPLE gaming consoles and while I like to pretend they are for my kids, I will try to find a few minutes on most nights to sit down and slay a dragon or build a castle. My games of choice lately have been side-scrolling platform games. (My husband calls them jumpy-jump games) but I am a big fan of puzzle games too. Not so much the shooting games; I prefer my shooting to be done with a camera. I do leave those to my kids.

I am an extreme couponer.

You remember those shows where a woman is walking around a grocery store with photo albums filled with coupons? I do that. Well, a version of that.

It started when my daughter was getting ready to leave for college. I was trying to fill a box of health and beauty items for her to take with her, picking up a few things here and there whenever I went to the store. When I offhandedly mentioned it to my cashier, he recommended a video on Youtube where I could learn to match some coupons with sales and get some stuff for super cheap. So I tried it, what could it hurt. The next Sunday I went into my local CVS and walked out with three bags of stuff for a couple of dollars and I WAS HOOKED. It was like a drug!! So now I spend an hour or so every Sunday that I can, clipping coupons out of the paper and watching couponing videos like this one.

I have a Jelly Bean problem.

Hi, My name is Denise and I really, really like jelly beans. Not just any jelly beans though. Jelly Belly jelly beans. Often (always) when I am playing video games or couponing I have a bowl of Jelly Belly jelly beans sitting next to me. I eat the tiny little candies one at a time (so I can savor each flavor) and often (always) go through a couple bags a week. The cinnamon (red with orange flecks) are my favorite and I don’t eat the light green ones because to me they taste like feet.

So confession time – Are you a fellow closet video gamer? or maybe a crazy coupon lady? or maybe you do something else a bit unusual to unwind? Tell me what it is so I don’t feel like such a weirdo.

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