Sizing your art for style

“I just want an 8×10.”

I hear this a lot from clients who want a beautiful portrait to display in their home but don’t know where to start. A lot of time the only experience we have is with ordering printed photos are those packets of photos that come home from school after photo day. With those, the 8×10 is the “big” option. And while an 8×10 can look beautiful framed and on a desk or table, it may not be the right choice for your walls at home.

An 8×10 portrait could look lost on a wall of this size.

What type of room are you completing?

Adding a spotlight display in your living room? Maybe a gallery of a few larger pieces is what you need. for a transition wall, a single large framed print or canvas may be better. Creating a gallery in your hallway or stairwell, a collection of smaller framed or canvas prints may be what you are looking for.

Create a spotlight gallery over a couch or living room table with a few large framed prints.

So how do you decide what size is right for your walls?

Figure out how much room you want to fill by starting with some (simple) math. According to the great designers at, you want to measure the area of your wall (length and width) that you want to fill, not including the area already covered by furniture or moldings. Then multiple that length and width by both .57 and .75. This is going to give you both the measurements you need to fill between 4/7 and 3/4 of your wall, Their recommended coverage amount for artwork.

Still Stumped?

That’s okay. When choosing wall art with Art you Adore, we take the confusion out of it and make sure your wall portraits look perfect on your walls BEFORE you buy them. Just send us a picture of your wall and we will size your portraits to fit your walls perfectly. You can find an easy guide here!

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