What to expect during your portrait experience: A List!


I am a huge fan of lists. Partly because my memory is an endless black hole (in which information goes into never to be heard from again) and partly because lists make things simple and easy ( I am also a BIG fan of both simple and easy!) So when clients ask what to expect during a portrait session with me, I, of course, made a (simple and easy) list!

ONE: A few weeks before your session, we get together for a consultation.

This is a quick meeting, so we can talk about the theme for your session. We will talk a bit about what kinds of products you are looking for; A wall you want to fill with a gallery or an album for your coffee table and we set a date and location for your shoot.

I prefer getting together face to face – at your home or at my home studio (or over coffee somewhere. I’m a big fan of coffee!) But I understand a busy schedule, so a phone call we can also make work in a pinch.

TWO: We have an amazing portrait session where everyone is relaxed, has a great time, and looks beautiful!

I feel like this one kind of explains itself.

THREE: About 2 weeks later, we meet up again. This time to choose the portraits you love most and design your galleries and albums and products. 

It’s viewing time! Bring your spouse or partner or your mom or your BFF, Whoever is going to NEED to have these photos in their home (and they will). We will sit and ooo and ahh over all of your amazing portraits. Then you pick your favorites and we design and order your galleries and albums.

FOUR: In about 3-4 weeks, I will personally, hand deliver and install your beautiful new galleries to your home.

I believe 100% that photos are so very important and I want every client to have these memories in their homes, displayed, so that they can see them every day. That’s why I do what I do, why I do more than hand you a disk of photos and say, “Good Luck!”. and why I have this process; this list.

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