Kendall – All Smiles for Spring

Kendall, one of my favorite little models, was all super cute toothless smiles when I had the chance to see her for her Spring portrait session.

Toothless smiles are awesome smiles

I met Kendall and her mom at the park. The weather was just gorgeous and Kendall looked like a spring princess with her new pink dress and spring flowers. We wanted to get some photos to use to showcase the season (and a few for the upcoming Easter Holiday)

We were not alone in our chosen field though. We had some extra special company. Across the field, one of the local residents; A big gopher turtle, was making his way out for the evening. (Kendall said he was just going to visit a friend) We were extra careful to stay out of his way!

It was (and always is) a great day for dancing in a field.

It was such a pretty day and this little spring princess was such a sweetheart. We had a great time.

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