Little bit about me

In case we haven’t met yet: Hi! I am Denise. The Portrait photographer at Art you ADORE.

I am a mother of three kids; two of them are young women, off making their way in the world, and the third is a teenage son who lives at home. I live in New Port Richey, Florida with my amazing husband and our son, two old dogs (Elvis and Riley), a bird named Ruckus and a betta fish named Franklin Robinson.

Me and Ma’ Girls ♥♥♥

I have lived in almost every part of Florida at some point in my youth but when we put down roots for our family in Pasco County, I found home. I love that you can drive fifteen minutes in one direction and be standing on the beach, looking out into the ocean, or drive fifteen minutes in a different direction and you’re standing on a farm, staring at cows. 

My first professional photography job was 20+ years ago. I started Art you ADORE, my own portrait studio, in 2012. I consider myself a photographer and a printmaker. This means I specialize in photographing families and kids, and then designing printed photography products like album and wall galleries, to be displayed in people’s homes. 

My Kids Right to Left: My son J, Daughter K, Daughter S and Son in law M.

I do this because I know from my own experience exactly how fast families and kids grow and change. And while that change is wonderful and exactly what is supposed to happen, we can capture life’s moments before they’re gone and create something wonderful. Art that we can display and admire and share. Art that we see every day and remember and smile. I do this because I can’t think of a single thing I would rather have on display in my home. Not a single thing better than the faces of the people I love most. 

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