Tweens and the missing years…

The ages between 10-14 are often overlooked for portrait photography

This might be the last time they just want to hang out with mom and dad; the last time you see those baby cheeks; last time they will cuddle on the couch. The tween years are a time of change – They aren’t quite kids anymore but if you blink too long – they’re gonna be teenagers.

Yet a lot of times, look back at photos and it’s like those years didn’t exist for most people.

Do you remember those years? I sure do. I was two feet taller than everyone in my class and built like a twig – constantly judging myself and how I looked, trying to figure out a place in the crowd.

Now imagine what a beautiful portrait could have done for you at that age? To be able to look at at a photo and not see yourself as too skinny, too fat, to short, or to tall. Just to see yourself as beautiful.

A tween photography session is a great way to show her that she is already perfect!

But as portrait photography goes, it’s often this time that we miss. We, as a family, will get portraits of the new baby and of the kids when they are small but then we wait until senior year, when our kids are teenagers who look almost grown and the child is long gone.

Now it the time to book your tween/young teen a portrait session and let them see how perfect they are right now.

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