Updating my website with some answers to some of the most

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a session include?

All session begins with a consultation meeting. This can be on the phone or online and is where I get to know who you are and what types of art you may be looking for. We will talk about locations for your photoshoot and any ideas you have or special requests and how we can make those happen. Sessions include two appointments, one for your photoshoot and another about two weeks after for your viewing.

How much does it cost?

A retainer or session fee is due on or before your photo session. Half of this fee is a non-refundable session fee and covers your consultation, photography time, and editing services. The other half of your retainer can be used towards any prints/products you order at your viewing session.

Why a professional printer instead of the drug store?

The drug stores vary on quality, contrast, color; all the reasons you went with a professional in the first place.

All my prints and products are ordered through WHCC, my professional photographic and press printing partner. Which means that the photos we take will be the prints you receive. The high-quality materials and inks are going to make sure your photos last a lifetime (or longer) and that you continue to be able to share your images with future generations!

What is a viewing session?

About 14 days after your photo session, we get together again. This time I will come to you or we meet up somewhere cozy (I am a fan of anywhere with coffee) Bring your friends or spouse or mom, anyone who might want to order prints (or is just excited to see them) We will go through your photos, pick your favs, and make any final adjustments you may need. Then we will and order your art work. Delivery is usually about a week for most products.

What products do you sell and how much are they?

I offer 5 types of products. Photographic prints, Stand-outs (mounted on foam core), Framed prints, Gallery Canvas wraps, and albums.

Price-lists are available but standard prints start around $8, Standouts at $43 and gallery wraps start at $80.

What about digital files?

All sessions come with a set of social media digital files of your favorite images FREE. These little files are perfect for sharing with your friends and family online!


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