Tips for what to wear for your family session

Choosing what to wear for your families’ session is not always easy. Here is a little inspiration to get you going!




Pick a Palette!


Choose a few different colors and start building your outfit choices from there. While having everyone in matching clothes looks uniform, building a color palette is more pleasing to the eye and allows everyone to bring in there their own sense of individuality.


What to wear Spring logo

“Spring” Session Inspiration


Think about your background.


If your session is against a bright, super colorful background (think bright flowers or colorful foliage) then go with a more neutral tone. More muted or softer background? Go ahead and be bright in your wardrobe!


What to wear girls spring logo

“Mommy and Me” Session Inspiration


Stay away from words and characters.


Colors and patterns are great but watch out for characters or words on your clothes. They can be distracting in the final photos.

AND Don’t forget to Accessorize!


Glasses, scarves, and neckties can all add a special little touch to your outfits but don’t forget to bring that special stuffed animal and your favorite hat too!


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