5 Tips to make your child’s Photography Session a success

Damien Smiles-10

What do we want? Beautiful Photos! How do we get them? Read on…

Some quick tips to make sure you get the lifelong memories you want!

Timing is Everything

Schedule your session during the time of day most likely to be filled with smiles. Does your little ray of sunshine start the day bright and shiny? Schedule first thing in the morning. If your ‘little bit’ is not a morning person, schedule later in the day. We don’t want them tired and cranky, so don’t sacrifice naptime for the sake of the session.

Malachi Cake Smash
Messy is okay too; Sometimes even better!

We’re Not Ourselves When We’re Hangry

Nothing is worse than working on an empty tummy, so make sure your prince or princess has a full belly before your session. Also, feel free to bring a snack; something not too sticky. Don’t want a mess on that new outfit, but I am not above using fruit snacks as bribe!

Take Time to Smell the Roses (and to Relax for the Poses)

The new people/surroundings and equipment can be scary. It’s okay to take some time to settle in: walk around, run around, explore, jump, play. The few minutes we spend letting your little one get comfortable is going to be time well-spent when we get those calm, happy smiles during photo-time. AND REMEMBER….

We Can’t Spell ‘Success’ Without ‘U’

Even if you don’t want to be in the photos, feel free to jump in and play too. You are their favorite person and if you are relaxed and happy, chances are they will be as well. Don’t worry about “being in the shot.” If I need you to scoot, I will let you know. 


Capturing a little wonder!

The Best-Laid Plans…

You’ve accounted for everything: you scheduled your session weeks ago, found the perfect outfit, everybody has eaten, and naptime isn’t for hours – but your sweet little angel is still hiding between your legs, puffy faced and crying, or screaming in the corner!?! The worst thing you can do and probably your first instinct is going to be to plop that baby in front of the camera and say, through gritting teeth, “Just freakin’ smile already!”

Don’t panic. Your little one is normal and wonderful and perfect and probably going to be happy and smiling any minute now, so stay calm and let’s wait them out. The end result with be beautiful memories you will cherish forever.


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