My Why

Why I Became a photographer.

 I’ve always loved old photographs. I love thumbing through family photo albums that are filled with pictures of me and my brothers as we grew up, the stories of our lives unfolding with each turn of the page. I also love shuffling through stacks of glossy images that I’ve found tucked away in a box or drawer, rediscovering the younger faces of a favorite cousin or grandparent.

My grandmother dedicated an entire hallway in her house to photographs. I remember walking past, fascinated by the pictures of my dad and his siblings when they were kids. School photos, camp memories, records of sports they played – all treasured memories that were given a place of honor up there in those frames.

Our history, right there on the walls.


When my first daughter was born, I took pictures like crazy! I documented her first steps, her first foods, her first haircut. Then came daughter number two. There were still lots of photos, but life had become much busier.

Years later, and after my third child, I found an old roll of film, long-forgotten in a desk drawer, that I’d never had time to get developed. Suddenly, I realized that somewhere along the line I’d dropped the ball. My children didn’t have a history that they could look at, there wasn’t a tangible story of their lives that they could revisit and remember. The only albums they had to go through were digital folders buried somewhere on the family computer.

My wonderful husband, sensing my distress, got to work and gave me the most wonderful birthday present that year: he had every single one of our family photos printed and he arranged those treasured memories into albums.

I was in heaven! The kids and I spent hours going over photos, rediscovering people and places that we hadn’t seen or thought about in years. We reminisced about family and friends who were long gone, revisited and relived our favorite vacations, and laughed over the good times from years past.

Our history, right there in our hands.


It was then that I decided it would be my responsibility to maintain and expand this history for them. I was determined to continue recording the stories of their lives as they unfolded over the years, to make sure they had memories to look at, to keep forever.

Taking inspiration from my grandmother, I’ve also dedicated my home to my children’s photos so that their school pictures, their camp and sports memories, and family vacations are all given a place of honor. Their happy childhood smiles are not only in the hallway, but are on the living room and bedroom walls, as well. I cannot think of more beautiful art that I would want to display.

So why am I a photographer? I am a photographer because of what photography is: a history. It’s a moment in time that’s preserved and can be shared for years to come.

But I’m also a photographer because of what I can do with it: I capture your precious memories and turn them into beautiful art, helping you and your loved ones tell your stories.

Your history, waiting to be shared.

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